Lol, err, Steps in Walker, that is... I just woke up. It's 6 pm on the day of my last three-day procedure of this trip. This is then big one, where they pump millions and millions of stemcells into your spinal cord lining over 2.5 days. She's been more aggressive this teip, so I've been busy with stem cells and somer sightseeing... And trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to sleep... But, remiss in updates. It's all good, though. ;). Before todate, we've mainly noticed a big increase in core strength and stability. Sitting, standing and walking; an increase in stability and strength walking at the paralllel bars and some hand function and strength increases. See, all good...

Today, we moved to the walker to step. I can officially say I have now taken my first 100% unassisted steps in a walker (in my reduced separate knee and ankle braces). My hands were still strapped to the wslker, The walker was stabilized by two people and Dr. D was right behind me to spot and assist on the first couple left steps. But after those first few, I was on my own. It wasn't pretty, but it was another milestone met!

We should have my procedures and tests completed by next week (and hopefully mom's cold is gone). And we can take some videos. ;). Xoxo. Be home 12/13!!



Dale Ellsworth
12/05/2012 05:28

God speed and blessings to you and your mom, we love you Shannon and so proud of all you have accomplished. I know its
hard but with your determination and the love of your mom and dad
you will succeed. Love Uncle Dale

12/07/2012 08:03

Thank you, Uncle Dale! We love you and miss you!
God Bless!

Dave Barrett
12/07/2012 09:39

That is AWESOME! Keep it up!!!


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