So mom and I went back to Nutech for stem cell treatment #5 from 10/30/12 –
12/12/12.  This trip was filled with more treatments, which meant less
phisio time; therefore, I have less video.  Last trip we ended on a high
note by removing my ab binder and cutting my leg braces from one unit to
separate ankle and knee braces… Meaning my walking in parallel bars was without
support from my knees up.  We focused on building core and hip
stabilization between last visit and this visit and during the first few weeks
of this visit.  Using the parallel bars, I would have to lean on the bars
often to move my left leg.  My hip stabilization increased so much during
this trip, we decided to move to a walker the last three days of my trip… 
You can see the improvement from the first day of trying and the third.  We
have been home for a month now, but I really just started my first full week of
workouts this week due to jet lag, a slight infection and the holidays.  We
are already seeing more improvement in my hip stabilization during this week’s
workouts.  At project walk, I was able to stand and do hip swings and arm
exercises with only my ankles and knees blocked… without holding on to
anything.  I’ll get videos of these workouts soon.  I also have some
MRI & Tractography slides to share, but I thought I’d start with this video…


01/14/2013 20:15

I love seeing your progress. Keep up the great progress. :)

01/14/2013 20:54

Thank you!

01/14/2013 23:57

My prayers are with you every day. You wrote above that your an "ordinary person trying for the incredible"....but the truth is that, "You are an INCREDIBLE person trying for the ordinary". Love you.

Shannon L. Davis
01/15/2013 01:10

That made me cry... Thank you, Love

Teresa Mayo
02/21/2013 21:12

Thats awesome Shannon, and I love your page here! I cant wait till I see my son Adam walking again! And I truly believe with God's help he will, I can't wait till that day; I know we haven't met yet but you are an inspiration to us all, your in my prayers!!! :)


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