OK... Lemme see if I can explain this... Dr. Shroff started using a new scan technology - along with MRIs - to try to measure neural growth in the spinal cord from the stem cell treatments.  This was my first trip to use this technology, so I only have scans from when I arrived 11.2.12 and one from 12.7.12 after about 5 weeks of treatment.  The changes only reflect this trip's improvement.  I had one more major treatment after 12.7.12 and the improvements have historically continued steadily for 6-9 months post treatment, so I'm hoping one today would only look more promising.  When looking at these scans, the green/blue areas are neural activity,  the black part is my injury site and the two white blobs in the black are fluid filled legions in my spine (which have gotten smaller on MRIs from pre-stem cell treatments to now).  These fluid pockets are what make my injury so severe.  My spinal cord was pretty much shredded in my accident.  The first attachment is the scan from 11.2.12.  You can see the neural activity down to the injured area (black part) and the two white areas in the injured areas (fluid pockets).  The second scan is on 12.7.12 and you can see more neural activity growth at the top and bottom (specifically growing toward the lower legion/fluid pocket.)  Remember this only reflects the growth in the 5
weeks I was there.  See also my two posts previous to this one for sitting balance and walking improvements during this trip...


06/22/2013 10:08

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