Nooo, none of the puppies ate my updates, but I do have excuses for taking so long to update on here...  We arrived home from India 12/13 and after jet lag subsided, we were immediately caught up in the holidays and January I was busy dealing with the flu and strep throat.... So, I'm just now getting full-swing into my routine.  AND.... it is going well; I had a great week last week!
 I work a 75% workload at the office, so I use 3 different trainers/facilities for therapy in order to allow me to complete all my job responsibilities (AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, because they are all awesome and bring different disciplines and strengths to my recovery!):

PROJECT WALK - facility specializing in exercise-based spinal cord recovery
RODNEY NAYLOR - brace walking in my home
TRAVIS MARTIN - hand therapy & strength training

I also use my FES bike, do strength training and hand stimulation at home as my schedule allows.  Oh, and am driving myself most places now.  I still can't get all the way up my van ramp, so I have to be going where I know someone can help me up it, BUT it's huge progress and helps immensely with my independence and mom's sanity, lol!  =)

 *  I stood without holding onto anything and with only my knees blocked for 15 seconds multiple times
 *  While standing as described in 1st bullet point, I was able to swing my arms (as non-injured people do while walking)
 *  On the recumbent bike, I wheeled for the first time on my own without someone having to keep my knees in line - @ 5         minutes worth....
For a chick "paralyzed" from the chest down, these are huge accomplishments!  I promise I will get some video of Project Walk soon.

Tuesday night working on squats wi-th Travis, we had some fun... I thought you might get a giggle from the video - the first time I have danced on my feet since 8-24-07... (you can't tell because I have a sweatshirt and scarves on under that coat, but my abs and hips are moving a little bit and I'm stabilizing them)



BJ Marsh
02/26/2013 20:30

This is AWESOME, Sunshine!!!

Dixie McEwen
03/01/2013 09:32

Girl! You are amazing!

05/29/2013 09:55


My name is Muj, I am 18 years old and living in Canada. last year on the 2nd of June (2012) a tree fell on me and completly crushed my c5, leaving me a "complete" quadriplegic. They had to remove my c5 and replace it with titanium plates. The doctors told me i would never walk again, probably never be able to do pretty much anything again. From the first time they told me that, i didnt listen. i set out to prove them wrong, i sat in my hospital bed trying to breathe myself, move my arms, legs, fingers, try to swollow, i tried everything! It began to work!!! i am now breathing on my own, eating on my own, i use a manual wheelchair, i have feelings down my body, my abs are working as well!
I am currently on a gluten-free, dairy free, sugar-free and all organic diet, and take alot of vitamins and suppliments to stay healthy. i do physio everyday and visualize as much as i can. i have a massage therapist, chiropractor, homeopath and acupuncturist.
i dont have any movement below my abs, and my fingers are not working yet.
I would really like to get in contact with you, I am considering going to India for stem cell therapy too. is there any other advice you can give me towards my recovery? or anything that i should be focusing on more than others?

please e-mail me:

Thank you, you are amazing!


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